Shawn has a calendar set up for you to spend 15-20 minutes doing an activity each day.. There will be a video of Shawn demonstrating the activity that you will be able to watch in case you aren’t sure how to perform the activity. Her videos will begin on July 6th!

WEek one 

July 6 Activity:  Flying shoes

Materials: 1 pair of shoes, 1 distance marker (water bottle, stick, cone), 1 starting line marker

* The object is to kick your shoe as far as you can off of your foot


1. Untie your shoelaces so your shoe is loosely on your foot

2.  Take 2-3 steps back from the starting line 

3.  When ready, walk up and kick 1 shoe off

4.  Repeat this process for the other shoe

5.  Place the distance marker where to shoe lands and try to beat it each time

6,  Repeat this challenge 5 times for each foot

July 7 Activity:  Chalk Maze

Materials: chalk, sidewalk or driveway

* kids design their own maze with chalk


1.   the kids design their own maze with squiggly lines, circles, and any other shapes

2.  They follow the maze and invite others to try their maze

3.  The bigger, more colorful, and more involved the maze, the more fun kids will have have working through it

July 8 Activity: Javelin Throw

Materials:  1 javelin(pool noodle, or any item they can throw safely)

*Find a large ope space to play.  Place the throwing marker on one side of the play area


1.  Take 5-10 steps away from the marker

2.  When ready. run towards the marker and throw your javelin as far as you can

3.  After throwing, retrieve the javelin and place a distance marker at the spot where the javelin landed.

4.  Continue for 10 times

July 9 Activity:  Hot Shots

Materials: Basketball and hoop if playing outside, or socks and a box or basket if playing inside, 5-10 shot markers (paper plates, cups, cones, sticks)


1.  Scatter shot markers around the basket

2.  When the game starts, you have 1 minute to stand(if outside) or kneel(if inside) on a shot marker to try to make a shot

2.  If you make it. take the marker off

3.  If you miss, you leave it there

4.  See how many times it takes to remove all of the markers

week two

July 13 Activity:  Target Practice

Materials: Chalk and sidewalk or driveway


1.  Draw a target with points (5 for the outside, 10, 25 and 50 on the inside)

2.  throw a rock or bean bag

3.  add up the points to see how many you get after 10 throws

July 14 Activity:  Keep it up

Materials:  Balloon or ziplock bag


1.  Use your arms, legs, or head to keep your balloon or bag up in the air for as long as you can

2.  Count how many hits you can get in a row.

3.  Do it 10 times and see if your time improves

July 15 Activity: Freeze dance

Materials: radio


1.  Turn on the radio and dance

2. Freeze as soon as the radio stops

July 16 Activity: Running Long Jump

Materials: Something to use to mark when to jump (pool noodle or water bottle), something to measure the distance you jumped


1.  Place your jump marker down on the ground

2. Take 20-25 steps away from the marker

3. Run as fast as you can and then jump once you reach the marker

4. If possible, have someone measure the distance between the marker and where your feet landed.

week three

July 20 Activity:  Tower construction

Materials: anything you can build a tower with (plastic cups, newspapers rolled up, legos)


1.  Build the tallest tower using the materials that you can find

2.  Set a timer for 20 minutes

3.  At the end of the time limit, measure to see how high the tower is

July 21 Activity: Leaky cup relay

Materials: 1 big bucket of water, 2 small containers, 2 cups with holes poked at the bottom and sides(plastic cups)

**This activity works best if you have at least 4 people for 2 teams


1.  Set up 2 teams

2.  Each team will have a cup and their own container

3. Place the bucket of water 10-20 steps away from the 2 teams

4.  On "go" the first person will run out to the bucket with their cup and scoop as much water as they can

5.  They will quickly hurry back to dump as much water as they can in their teams container

6.  This will continue for 5 minutes

7.  At the end of the time, see who has the most water in their container

July 22 Activity: Trick Shot

Materials:  Anything you choose


1.  Try to come up with your very own trick shot

2.  Be creative!! 

* Can be basketball, soccer, tennis, whatever you choose!

July 23 Activity: Sack Races

Materials: some type of bag or sack that you can put 2 feet in (grocery tote, burlap sack, garbage bag)


1.  Determine a starting line and then create a finish line that is 15-20 steps away *more for the older kids

2.  On "go" jump with 2 feet in their bag to try to reach the finish line

3.  Repeat 5 times

week four

July 27 Activity: Dizzy races

Materials: Something to spin around or just spin yourself around


1.  Determine a starting line and a finish line

2.  To start, look down and have your forehead on your spinny thing

3.  On "go" spin 7 times around your object

4.  After the 7th time, try to run to the finish line

5.  Repeat 5 times

July 28 Activity: Egg toss

Materials: anything you can toss and catch back and forth (eggs, water balloons)

*This activity needs at least 2 people


1.  Start by facing your partner and take 1 step back from each other

2.  Toss the egg to your partner

3.  If they catch it, you will take another step back

4.  Continue to do this until the object drops

5.  Continue if you have access to more object to toss

July 29 Activity: Shoe balance challenge

Material: 1 shoe


1.  Start by balancing a shoe on top of your foot

2. Try rolling over without letting the shoe drop (very difficult but fun)

July 30 Activity: Electric fence

Materials: something to hold (pool noodle, stick, broom handle)

* This activity requires 2 people


1.  1 person will hold the electric fence while the other person will try to run and jump over it

2.  Start with the electric fence down on the ground

3.  After each successful jump. raise the fence a little higher

4.  Continue to do this until they touch the fence and then switch roles

week five

 August 3 Activity:  Create your own workout

Materials: Music if needed


1.  Create your own "high intensity" workout with your family

2.  Choose your favorite moves (lunges, squats, jumping jacks, etc.)

3.  Do each workout for 30 seconds and then take a 10 second break, until all the moves that the family came up with are complete

August 4 Activity:  Indoor hopscotch

Materials: paper plates or napkins


1.  Set up your hopscotch course indoors ( if you choose to go outside, use chalk)

2. Continue to do the hopscotch course 10 times

August 5 Activity:  Paper airplain cornhole

Materials: 1 bucket or basket, 3 pieces of paper to make airplanes


1.  Create 3 different airplanes 

2.  Set your buckets 5-10 feet away

3.  On "go" you have 1 minute to score as many points as you can

* A plane that lands in the bucket = 2 points

* A plane that hits the outside the bucket = 1 point

* A plane that doesn't hit the bucket = 0 points

4.  Play multiple rounds and keep track of your score

August 6 Activity:  Bowling challenge:

Materials: Something to make pins ( water bottles or plastic cups), a ball to roll


1.  Set your pins 10-15 steps away

2.  See how many pins you can knock down in 10 rolls

3.  Set the pins back up after each roll

4.  Add your score up at the very end

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