Here you can see what we will be doing this summer. 

Arts & Crafts with Mrs. Pryce

* Mrs. Pryce will be sharing a calendar that includes the names of each craft that she will be working on and which day. She will be sharing three crafts a week for both the tot program and the school aged children. There will be a pick up on June 29th at the HS cafeteria entrance from 3pm-5pm for you to get all items needed for the crafts each week.

Cooking with Mrs. Fredericksen

*For cooking each week there will be two no bake recipes posted for the kids to follow. There will be a video also posted of how to make each of the recipes that kids can watch and follow along with too!

Rec Riff Off with Sydney

*This summer we will be dancing together virtually! Sydney will be posting dances to learn and hosting live dance times so that we can perform together!  


Field Fun with Shawn Kanaley

Shawn will be making a Rec calendar where the kids can choose between 2 daily activities, spending 15-20 minutes doing the activity each day and maybe add a bonus to do both activities! Also, do a “bingo” board with 25 spaces (1 for each day of rec) that has an activity of 15-20 minutes each day. If the kid fills out the entire board, they can receive a reward!


Swimming Lessons with Mr. Miller

Mr. Miller will be offering video tutorials up to twice weekly for parents and family members to help their children with their ‘learn to swim’ levels. Mr. Miller will be demonstrating what to look for to help your child become a better swimmer and easy ways to help your swimmer improve. 


"Mr. Wilbur's Corner"

Mr. Wilbur’s Corner will consist of all the below activities along with more as the summer continues!

* "Ask? Mr. Wilbur"

* Birthdays/Special Announcements- kids can contact me with these

* Contests/Polls

* Jokes of the Day- Mr. Wilbur’s and Kids submissions

* "Talent Show"- special talents they have and/or want to share-pet pics, etc.

* "Current Events"-Sodus and kid related


Story Time with Tina

*Tina will be pre-recording a picture book a day (Mon-Thurs) for younger children and a few chapters from a chapter book each day for older kids.

Scavenger Hunts with Mrs. Jones


Mrs. Jones will be providing kids with Scavenger hunts to keep them busy this summer!


Please remember as we go through the summer we encourage feedback and hope that you send us videos and pictures of your children participating so that we can share them on our website and Facebook! Our website will go live on July 6th!

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